2012 Blueberry Picking Season

Hello pickers–it’s been awhile, we hope you’ve been enjoying your summer.  The blueberries are in and ready to be picked.  I will be putting out the signs on Monday that we are open, however if you would like to stop by Friday or Saturday that would be fine, everything is set up (Sunday there is a small event going on in the yard so please no picking).

The field is in a very “rustic” state.  It has not been mowed, I have gone out and made some trails and will continue to do so to reach more berries.  (our mowers never showed up, but someone is stopping by tomorrow I’m hoping they will be able to assist us!). Please wear pants and boots, your legs will thank you for it!

email me any questions you have, brooke@rbjsolutions.com or comment!


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