August 4th, 2014—open this week!

Hello blueberry pickers,
Daniel’s Creek Blueberry Farm is open this week. There are plenty of blueberries and you could easily pick pounds in less than 15 minutes. And best of all–they’re delicious!

That being said, the blueberry patch is a bit treacherous, and the patch is flooded from the beaver dam. Here are some guidelines for picking this year:
–Boots, pants, and long sleeve shirts highly recommended.
–Please do not cross either bridge; the bridge going to the dock I need to repair and I have not gone across the bridge going to the other blueberries to see the beaver damage, so it’s not cleared there.
–The patch is very uneven so please be careful when picking.
–The patch may be too hard for small children and people who have difficulty walking to manuever.
–There is some blackberry in the patch, watch out for thorns.
–There is standing water going toward the creek and toward the road side of the patch, you will sink into the mud, but you can see part of the beaver dam.

I’m not going to put the sign out on Woodinville-Duvall Road, the blueberry patch is located at 17900 185th Ave. NE, Woodinville, please park down by the barn.
Have fun picking and eating your blueberries!


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